is committed to researching and locating products that are cutting-edge and are of the highest quality from sourcing to production and distribution. We focus on carrying products that help to achieve optimal health during pregnancy and childhood. 

ShopVitalChild is the primary online news source for cutting-edge natural health information for pregnancy and children. We are extremely selective and therefore, may carry a smaller selection of products because of the sensitive nature of pregnancy and children's health.  


We adhere as close to the following criteria, where applicable, as possible:


We carry only those products that limit any harmful ingredients while providing optimal health benefits for pregnant women and children.
Our products are life-enhancing, almost always organic, sustainable and support true health. We do not carry products solely for profit potential.

VitalChild.Com is a publisher of Cutting-Edge, Natural Health news for the optimal health of pregnant women and children. We have been on the web since September 2007.We will never use the news we report to directly promote the products we carry. We consider the quality and integrity of the products
as Important as the news we report.

Our goal with the natural products we carry is to support prevention, cure illness and create optimum health in pregnancy and childhood.

We are committed to providing as thorough information as possible regarding any products that are purchased on this site or we will provide additional information upon our customers request.

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