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6 Bottles Of Echo® H2 Hydrogen Rich Water - 60 Tablets Ea Bottle, 450mg FREE SHIPPING -Save $20!

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Buy 6 Bottles Of Echo H2TM Tablets - There's Nothing Else Like Echo H2TM ! Save $20, 

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This is our favorite way to drink Echo H2TM fuguitive hydrogen infused alkaline water. It maintains such a perfect seal that you'll hear a pop once you flip up the cap! No worries about plastic that you can still taste even in BPA Free plastic bottles, no other plastic chemicals and no staining still obvious in porous plastic blender bottles.

Echo H2TM - The Most Effective Antioxidant Ever Discovered For Mature Skin

Turn Your Ordinary Water Into a Scientifically Verified Antioxidant Drink.

Just adding one tablet of Echo H2TM into water turns your clean, low mineral water into a free radical scavenging powerhouse. Echo H2TM is truly unique, No food or supplement provides this kind of antioxidant protection. 

Echo H2TM Hydrogen Rich Tablets are New and the most Revolutionary Antixoidant on the Market!

It provides an exciting way for you to take advantage of the latest unique Antioxidant health breakthrough that have simply amazed scientists. 

Echo H2TM - 400 Published Studies Show The Following Benefits:

  • Reduce Your Oxidative Stress By Lowering Toxic Radical Production
  • Boost Your Energy At The Cellular Level Via ATP Production
  • Increase Your Metabolism and Fat Burning
  • Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Recovery
  • H2 Is Totally Natural And Leaves No Toxic Waste Products
  • Very Safe Even At High levels Of Consumption
  • Boost Your Body's Natural Levels Of Antioxidants

Echo® H2's hydrogen rich tablets are considered to be the most effective and convenient way to battle oxidative stress. After many years of trial and error Echo has finally found a way to harness the power of H2 into a convenient tablet. Now you can take advantage of the power of H2 backed by over 400 scientific studies (30 Human Studies) In some of the world's most presigious journals, covering 150 diseases. H2 benefits every organ in the human body. Join the rapidly growing H2 water movement proven to benefit your health!

Ingredients: Advantose 100, Magnesium Malate, Magnesium, Magnesium Fumarate, Malic Acid, Fumaric Acid. 

Contains NO Mannitol which may contribute to the following common side effects: increased urination;nausea, vomiting;fever, chills, headache, runny nose; swelling, rapid weight gain; chest pain; skin rash; or dizziness, blurred vision.

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What's lighter than oxygen and enters the cells faster than any other antioxidant, can easily cross the blood brain barrier and is totally natural, non-toxic and harmless...An antioxidant that neutralizes the bad radicals and turns them into water while at the same time considered by a nobel prize winning scientist to be the primary fuel source for the body?...It's H2, otherwise known as molecular hydrogen!

Echo® is the manufacturer of the world's best water ionizers. They are considered by some scientists to be the most effective water ionizers at reliably infusing H2 into water. Echo® backs the quality and effectiveness of their product by being guaranteed “Forever”.

So when Echo® decided to create the H2 tablet, it had to meet their uncompromising standards. It simply had to be the best and the most convenient H2 producing product on the market because Echo's water ionizers are already great generators of H2. The Echo H2TM table separates itself from any other product on the market because it contains no mannitol, an allergen for some. It simply had to be the world's most convenient hydrogen enriched tablets! The Echo H2 had to be the very best in quality and taste!  

Echo H2TM is essential for anybody who is serious about their health. A unique patent pending formula converts regular water to hydrogen saturated alkaline water with the highest possible concentration of hydrogen. 

Some Of The Proven Properties Of H2

• It's the smallest molecule which can enter any cell, the most bioavailable Antioxidant Ever
• Selective - not all radicals are bad. Echo H2TM only scavenges bad radicals, like Hydroxyl Radicals.
• It easily converts free radicals into harmless water—with no toxic byproduct
• Helps lower excessive oxidative stress
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-allergy
• Protects against radiation damage
• Stimulates energy metabolism to help prevent weight gain - Supports glucose homeostasis
• Has been shown to lower cholesterol levels
• May help prevent erectile dysfunction
• Decreases lactate (lactic acid) build up during exercise
• Supports cognitive function
• Prevents age related decline in cognitive capacity
• Neuroprotective
• Extremely safe, no toxic affects
• The water tastes smooth and light
• Essential magnesium, cofactor for over 300 enzymes
• Hydrates faster 

Direction For How To Use Echo H2TM:

1. Place One tablet Of Echo H2TM into 16oz or 20oz of, Ideally, A Sealed Glass Container Of Low Mineral
    Water. Fill container completely with no space And Immediately Close The Cap (Never Swallow Tablet Directly)

2. Allow Echo H2 Table To Dissolve In Water For 20 Minutes. The Longer The Bottle Is Sealed      
   Tight The More H2 Will Be Available. The Echo H2 Tablet Will Create Bubbles.

3. When Opening the Bottle Of Echo H2TM Water There Will Be A Slight Release Of Pressure 

4. You Can Drink Echo H2TM Water Immediately Or Over Several Hours. The H2 Infused Water
    Will Remain Active All Day. Residue At The bottom Of The Bottom Is Natural.
    Use A Bottle Brush Or Vinegar To Remove This Residue.

For Performance Benefits, Take 1-3 Tablets Of Echo H2TM Prior To Exercise Depending On Expected Activity Level. Also used to reduce lactic acid.

NOTE: Product performance in water depends on water purity. Reverse Osmosis or purified water is preferred. Reaction time is slower in cold water. Caution: Keep away from children.

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