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Echo H2® Molecular Hydrogen Tablets On Sale 450mg 60 Tablets

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1 Bottle Of Echo H2TM Tablets - There's Nothing Else Like H2

Turn Your Ordinary Water Into Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water That's Convenient On The Go

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This Molecular Hydrogen Supplement (H2) Turns Your Water Into The Safest 
And Most Effective Antioxidant Ever Discovered

Echo® H2 tablets - View Research That Shows How Hydrogen Supplementation Impacts 
Which Illnesses And How It Protects And Enhances Every Organ In Your Body

In 2007 the prestigious Nature Medicine journal confirmed that H2 is therapeutic and preventive towards oxidative stress, cancer and aging. H2 is known to be a totally natural antioxidant since the body naturally produces a quantity of H2 with the ingestion of fiber. His also a safe antioxidant with with no known toxicity.

600 Molecular Hydrogen Studies Shows Drinking Echo H2 Health Benefits

  • Echo HThe Hydrogen Supplement That Turns The Most Toxic 
    Cell Damaging Free Radical Into Harmless Water
  • Reduce Your Oxidative Stress By Lowering Toxic Free Radical Production
  • Boost Your Energy At The Cellular Level Via ATP Production
  • Increase Your Metabolism and Fat Burning 
  • Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Recovery
  • Decreases lactate (lactic acid) build up during exercise

Other Proven Properties Of Drinking H2

  • Has been used effectively to reduce pain during pregnancy
  • H2 is totally natural and leaves no toxic waste products
  • Very safe even at high levels of consumption
  • Boost your body's natural levels of antioxidants
  • It's the smallest molecule which can enter any cell, the most bioavailable Antioxidant Ever
  • Anti-Allergy
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Provides Essential magnesium, cofactor for over 300 enzymes
  • Neuroprotective
  • Prevents age related decline in cognitive capacity
  • Supports cognitive function
  • May help prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Protects against radiation damage

      Paul Barattiero Explains Benefits and How Molecular Hydrogen Works


As seen on The Truth About Cancer Health Online Video Series

Just adding one tablet of Echo H2TM into water turns your clean, low mineral water into a free radical scavenging powerhouse. Echo® H2 tablets are truly unique, No food or supplement provides this kind of antioxidant protection. 

Ingredients: Advantose 100, Magnesium Malate, Magnesium, Magnesium Fumarate, Malic Acid, Fumaric Acid. 

Contains NO Mannitol unlike other molecular hydrogen supplements which produce active H2.  Mannitol may contribute to the following common side effects: increased urination; nausea, vomiting; fever, chills, headache, runny nose; swelling, rapid weight gain; chest pain; skin rash; or dizziness, blurred vision.

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