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Blendtec Total Blender Classic Series Wildside Jar Reconditioned.

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• Easy And Convenient 1-touch Autoblending, Autoshutoff, No guessing
• Never Cut Your Finger, Blades Won't Cut You When Cleaning The Jar
• The Smoothest Chunk-Less Blender Available
• No Spatula or Plunger Required
• Easy To Clean
• 30 Day Hassle Free Guarantee!

*These Certified Reconditioned Blendtec Machines are Warrantied In The U.S.A ONLY (Canada: Add Shipping Plus Customs Fees)

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• The Market's Most powerful blender: 13 amps at 1560 watts
• 7 year Warranty For U.S. and Canada Only
• These machines are in excellent, like-new, condition!
• Brand New BPA-Free Wildside+® 90 oz Jar And Lid With 4 Blades
• Attractive blender that fits under your cabinet

Why Buy Online vs In Store?
• Pay NO Tax Online, In Store Sales Tax Is Required
• Find The Right Model and Have It Shipped To Your Door. 
• Store Selection Is Often Based On Lmited Demo Models
• Convenience: No Gas, No Searching, No Traffic Hassles

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The Best looking and Most Powerful Blender Available Allows For Convenient, Handsfree Automatic Blending.
Blendtec's Smart-Touch Technology© With Auto Shut Off Promises Perfect Blending Every time! 

Each Blender Must Meet the following 3 Quality Criteria by Blendtec 
Technicians in Order to Earn A Certified "Reconditioned" Label:

1. Certified reconditioned Blendtec Blenders get all new internal parts and a new jar 

2. Each Motor Base is Factory Inspected And Cleaned To Ensure Excellent Quality & Reliability 

3. Get The "Same As New" Blendtec 7yr Warranty and 30 Day Guarantee!

And you get all the same accessories and containers as if you bought it new!

Why Are These Blendtec Reconditioned Blendtec Blenders Less Expensive? 
Each Reconditioned Blendtec Blender was either a Live Demonstration or Photoshoot model.

  • Or Buy A New Blendtec Blender Here (click here) 

    Reconditioned Blendtec Blenders Are Available In These Colors: Black, Red and White

Each Blendtec Certifiec Reconitioned Model Comes With:
1. A Recipe Book
2. A New Jar
3. A New Motor
4. A 7 year warranty

Exciting Certified Blendtec Reconditioned Machine Makes Or Blends:
1. Smoothies! 
2. Nutritious soups
3. Fresh Juice
4. Ice Cream
5. Grains
6. Avocado Seeds Or Grape Seeds
7. And virtually any other recipe your heart desires
Why we chose this item:  The Blendtec Blender is famous for its "Will It Blend" super power. It
may also be the best looking blender you can buy for your home. What's even better is its functionality. The Blendtec blender can blend down any vegetables its given into a smoothie in seconds making it the best replacement for many other small kitchen appliances. 
They say that form follows function but a Blendtec blenders form is so appealing that you'll be
surprise you that it's so easy to use. Blendtec's Smart Touch© Technology engineering allows
for convenient and hands free recipes! You push one button to turn the auto cycle on, it powers itself
off and you get perfect results every time!

Pregnancy smoothies can be quick, easy meal replacements that require little work and can provide all the Calcium, Protein, nutrition and calories required and it can be a quick alternative to the same boring meal. Best of all, Vitamix Machine smoothies make anyone feel great! Do something most Americans don't, invest in your health and live a longer, more energetic life!

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Lettuce Based Vitamix Smoothies: 
Lettuce is a good source of folate which is known to reduce neural tube defects such as spina bifida.  The Spina Bifida Assocation of South Australia says the incidence of spina bifida could be reduced up to 70% by getting enough folate before and during the first 3 months of pregnancy.  Lettuce is also a good source of iron and vitamin C and according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, lettuce may help to fight anemia and many other nutritional deficiencies possible during pregnancy.

Infancy - Purees: 
Baby Purees allow moms to make the healthiest, organic foods for baby. Purees can be mixed to create a variety of foods for infants. Commerical baby food can cost as much as 7 times more than making the food on your own. These foods often contain fillers and other unhealthy ingredients and lack nutrition due to overcooking and may cause allergies in your baby.

Childhood - Green Smoothies: 
Do your kids find Greens repulsive? They won't if they drink green fruit smoothies! 

Exciting Blendtec Machine Benefits:
1. Replace Kids Junk food with delicious, healthy smoothies in 1 minute!
2. Make nutritious soups in 4 minutes, with no stove!
3. Create "store bought" Frozen Deserts in 30 seconds!
4. Serve your own bread by grinding whole grains into flour in 5 minutes!

No Taxes Except in Utah where Blendtec is Headdquarters

* Orders Shipped Within 3-5 Business Days.

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