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8 Reasons To Buy From ShopVitalchild

1. Changing The World - Our Primary Mission: We have an objective that exists beyond profit. Our primary mission is to change the way women have babies and thus transform the world. We simply believe that making pregnancy and children healthy and strong will make for happier people and thus a better planet.

Shopvitalchild was created to support, the place where we disseminate cutting-edge transformational news for the optimal health of pregnancy and children.
Natural health news based on science, proven ancient cultural practices and cutting-edge natural practioners. When you purchase products here you purchase the worlds safest and most effective natural health products and you help us towards our mission of changing the world. Why purchase natural health products anywhere else?

2.Only The Best Products: We conduct research and carefully select only the world's safest, most effective and sustainable natural health products available for children and pregnancy so you don't have to do the research. Products that are good for people, animals and the planet. We make every attempt to use the products we sell ourselves before we recommend them to you.  (Click here to learn about our selection criteria) 

3. Customer Service: Our customers are our number one priority. We strive to
learn and satisfy all of our customers needs and reflect these needs in Shopvitalchild's products and procedures. Our Customer Service Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions. Your feedback regarding Shopvitalchild is very important to us.  Feel free to email us at
or call us at (562) 372-4222

4. Integrity: We place Quality, Satisfaction and Service before Profits. We research and publish the information about why we carry these products so you understand what quality means to us.


5. Tracking: We track every package we send you and confirm it's delivery!


6. Our 100% Gurantee: If your not completely satisfied with any purchase we provide a 100% money back guarantee! Click Here  


7. Sustainability: We won't carry products that involve harming animals or animal testing and the companies products we carry are green and seek sustainability which has minimal impact on our planet's resources.   


8. Security and Privacy: We highly value your Privacy and Security. All purchases are SSL secure purchases that offer 256-bit encryption and our customers information is private, we never sell your information to third party providers. To review our privacy policy  Click Here 





We curate and develop cutting edge natural products that develop the optimal brain/mental, physical and emotional health of children and pregnant women. Because we believe that pregnant women and children existing in their optimal state will transform our society. <> You’ll never worry about the Purity or safety of Pregnancy or Children's supplements again…guaranteed! We screen and carry only the top 10%!