About VitalChild.com

What we do

Vitalchild.com collects and publishes the latest health transforming news every weekday from international and domestic sources. Our agenda is to transform health using natural cutting-edge news as it pertains to the health of children and pregnant women.

The news we publish is not only focused on optimizing their health, the news is also actionable. Actionable news means VitalChild.com only reports news that gives our users an opportunity to prevent or remedy problems of pregnancy and children’s health.

VitalChild.com also supports a community forum and lists credentialed and holistic practitioners that come highly recommended. We also provide experts as a resource for questions and answers on pregnancy and the health of children. Vitalchild.com sells, what we believe, are the highest quality products available for the optimal health of children and pregnant women.

What we believe

Our news is centered around prevention and nature based cures. We at VitalChild.com believe this is the healthiest, least expensive and most holistic approach to health possible. Our research and experience has shown that news based on natural health is often both ancient and forward thinking while also standing the test of time. These solid principles are important concerns when dealing with the sometimes highly sensitive health issues of mothers and their children.

Our Agenda

We attempt to publish the latest breaking information often pulled from sources that are based on scientific literature. Whether our news is science based or based on long held traditional remedies, VitalChild.com is committed to a standard of publishing news of only the greatest integrity. This site was created out of a great desire to positively transform the health of pregnant women and children not a profit motive.

Our Mission and Objectives

It is our goal at VitalChild.com to actually create optimum health in children and pregnant women via natural health practices and report breaking news that is generally under reported in the mainstream media.

It is our quest to be on the cutting-edge; reporting news that brings profound positive transformation to the health of pregnant women or children.

We also seek to foster an awareness of relatively unknown natural based healing methods and sustainable medicines that will optimize the long-term health of pregnant women and children.

Our Future

It is our vision that VitalChild.com will become a credible multimedia news source for healing children and pregnant women globally. We also expect to be the premier source for original breaking news that provides natural health cures for illness.

Ultimately, we intend to publish original news based on research from scientific journals worldwide and release investigative research in the areas of natural health for pregnancy and childrens health. We also believe it is important to fund natural health science studies which will promote natural cures and reveal their effectiveness.

Our Pledge

Since the news, practitioners, nutrients or modalities we present may not always be well known; were committed to health news that has integrity without regard to any outside economic influence by advertisers or otherwise. VitalChild.com is committed to natural health practices because these practices typically support health in a way that is less expensive than drugs and are non-toxic. Were committed to solutions that seek to resolve the underlying causes of illness rather than just masking the symptoms. We pledge to not allow economic or political forces to distort or alter our focus in providing natural health news backed by solid evidence which has been shown to heal the most health-sensitive members of society, children and pregnant women.

The Future We Hope For

We believe that if children are fed nutritiously and are taught at an early age good nutrition and the proper foods to eat that it will dramatically affect their health in every way and this in turn, will lead to great health for future generations.

Our site is founded on the principles of natural health. We define Natural health as non-chemical, non-drug, unprocessed, mostly living foods and herbs that are generally allergy free. Natural health, as we define it, is a means to sustain the planet and our health. This means that most of the news, both science-based and otherwise, will show that eliminating many of the health deteriorating foods of the Standard American Diet (SAD) refined carbohydrates, processed foods, refined sugars, refined fats, meats and dairy products will promote the optimum health of children and pregnant women.

We don’t subscribe to the latest “Health” fads. Any serious long term study of health and nutrition always shows the same basic simple idea, whether the intent is to lose weight or have a healthy pregnancy; avoiding the SAD diet and eating a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds will promote optimum health in virtually every area. The same basic foods that were here since humans first came about. Most of our lives we’ve heard this same message and we believe that it will be heard louder as our health and the health of our planet gains priority over economics.

If you ever have a problem with our site or feel as though we’ve published something that violates our pledge please feel free to contact me directly.


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