• Breast-feeding Good For Mother’s Heart

    Breast-feeding Good For Mother’s Heart0

    Nursing baby brings cardiovascular benefits decades later, study suggests Breast-feeding isn’t just good for baby, it may also boost mom’s cardiovascular health as she ages, new research suggests. Women in their 60s who had breast-fed for more than 12 months over their lifespan were nearly 10 percent less likely to develop cardiovascular disease, and significantly

  • Breast-Feeding Boosts Child’s School Performance

    Breast-Feeding Boosts Child’s School Performance0

    Children who were breast-fed do better in high school and are more likely to go to college than their bottle-fed siblings, researchers report. While the health benefits of breast-feeding to both infants and mothers is well known, this study suggests the practice may have educational benefits as well. This is the first study using data


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