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Megafood Kids One Daily - 60 Tablets

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Boost Your Child's Immune System with Vitamin C, D3 Zinc and B Complex
Supports Strong Healthy Bones In Growing Children
24 of the Essential Vitamins and Minerals To Ensure A Child's Proper Nutrition
 Its 100% Food! So One Daily Mini Tablet Can Be Taken On An Empty Stomach
Pure: Actually Tested Free From Pesticides, Herbicides, Gluten, Dairy and Soy!


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Finally, a Kid's One Daily Multi-Vitamin That Got It Right
- A 100% Actual Whole Food Supplement!

The Number One health concern in America for Childrens Health is Obesity! It doesnt simply mean our kids are eating too much foods, It means that our kids are eating too much processed junk foods and that they are starving for real nutrition! 

No powders or concentrates or "food-based" here, Megafoods Kid's One Daily Is actual 100% whole food in tablet form! There are no additives or pesticides. Kid's One Daily is effective and safe and there's simply nothing else like it on the market! Kid's One Daily provides a variety of natures best foods which can be so difficult to get kids to consume. MegaFood has taken 100% whole, fresh foods such as carrots, organic brown rice, oranges, wild blueberries, cranberries and so much more, and put it into mini tablets that are gentle and effective even to sensitive tummys.

Many of the top natural health practitioners recognize Megafoods as being among the elite supplement manufacturers because of their use of bio-available whole foods without any fillers, excipients or anything artificial.
No: Sugar, Fructose, Fractionated Oils, Colors, Flavors or Manesium Sterate! Just Pure Wholesome Vegetarian Food In a Tablet Thats Herb Free!

We love all of Megafoods products because their effective and our customers are crazy about them! MegaFood is excited about this product because they are offering the first Kid's One Daily that wasn't created by a chemist in a lab. Finally,
there's a dietary supplement that your child's body will recognize because its being offered as mother nature intended.

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