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Growing Naturals Organic Vegan Rice Protein, 3lb Free Shipping, Best Price Only $54.97


Buy The World's Best Protein For Purity, Performance & Long Term Health! FREE Shipping Of Any 3 Flavors Rice or Pea. That's 3lbs For Only $54.97!

Growing Naturals Rice and Pea Protein 3lb Pak. Growing Natural produces the ONLY Organic Vegan Rice Protein Isolate available. Meaning, it's toxin free AND has a 96% amino acid profile correlate to whey. Get 3 pounds of Growing Naturals Protein at a discount: Buy
 Any Combination of Rice Or Pea Proteins. Original, Chocolate or Vanilla For One Low Price! Living, Organic, Non-GMO. Plus Why Are Whey Protein Isolates Toxic? See Below. Type "FREESHIPPING" at Checkout and Indicate which 3 flavors, Rice Or Pea Or Mix in the Comments section.
Growing Naturals Protein Benefits 
Clincal trials have finally proven that Vegan bodybuilders, naturopaths and raw vegans were right all along. Rice Protein is virtually identical to whey in performance and perceived benefits without any of the health problems, allergies, etc of whey. There are 30 to 50 million lactose intolerant or dairy intolerant individuals in the U.S. alone. 

Growing Naturals Comparison With Whey

Compare Our Numbers To Your Favorite Brand Of Protein
*Low Calorie-120gram *Low Fat-5gr *No Saturated Fat or Trans Fats *No Cholesterol (Heart Healthy) *Low Sodium - 40gr *Low Carbohydrate-5gr *Dietary Fiber 1gr *Low Sugars-2gr *High Protein-24gr per serving 

Our Ingredients Are 100% Natural, Nothing Artificial
Chocolate Power: Organic Oryzatein® (Organic, Sprouted, Whole Grain
Brown Rice Protein Isolate), Organic Cocoa (Processed With Alkali,
Organic Oryza® (Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Syrup Solids),
Organic Flavor, Organic Stevia, Organic Guar Gum, Organic
Gum Arabic, Sea Salt. Organic Flavor not derived from corn or gluten 

Vanilla Blast: Organic Oryzatein (organic sprouted whole
grain brown rice protein isolate), organic Oryza (organic whole grain
brown rice syrup solids), organic vegan flavor, organic guar gum,
organic gum arabic, organic stevia, sea salt

Original: Organic Oryzatein (organic sprouted whole grain brown rice
protein isolate), organic Oryza (organic whole grain 
brown rice
syrup solids)

Amino Acid profile: 
Alanine – 1176mg
Arginine – 1637mg
Aspartic Acid – 2184mg
Cystine – 576mg
Glutamic Acid – 4131mg
Glycine – 756mg
Histidine – 538mg
Isoleucine – 1400mg
Leucine – 2184mg
Lysine – 1229mg
Methionine –552mg
Phenylalanine – 1052mg
Proline – 1464mg
Serine – 1181mg
Threonine – 1140mg
Tryptophan – 375mg
Tyrosine – 984mg
Valine – 1444mg

Growing Naturals - The Supplier To Your Favorite Protein Brands
Growing Naturals started out as a manufacturer only, supplying many of the favorite proteins brands on the market. But the management of Growing Naturals are passionate about their protein and are committed to not compromising the quality of it. When they realized the companies that they supplied were not delivering the quality and integrity of the ingredients they expected, they decided to manufacture and retail their own high quality organic vegan protein isolates direct to a deserving consumer. 

We love this protein! In our opinion, Growing Naturals protein is the best protein on the market. It is a certified organic vegan protein. A living, raw vegan protein that is highly bioavailable. In fact it correlates to 96% as bioavailable as whey protein. Except this protein has no digestibility issues or lactose, gas, toxins or other allergens commonly associated with most whey or animal protein powders on the market. 

Why Growing Naturals Proteins Are The Best Proteins Available:
-Certified Organic: Grown without toxins or pesticides
-Living protein: Raw, living foods are from nature and their life force enhances absorption 
-Allergen Free: No Dairy, Corn, Soy or Gluten
-Non-GMO: No Genetically Modified ingredients
-Heart Healthy: No cholesterol or saturated fats or sodium or artificial sugars
-Delicious: Smooth, non-chalky taste
-Amino Acid Profile: Our rice protein has a sustained release vs Whey's quick uptake and drop off
-Environment friendly: Animal friendly and environmentally friendly

Rice Protein Details: 24 grams of sprouted and enzymatically processed brown rice isolate. This Brown rice has a 96% correlation to whey protein's amino acid profile produced in a unique proprietary process that produces a superior texture. No dairy, soy, corn or gluten. 

Pea Protein Details: Created from a patented water extraction process. These enzymatically alive proteins have high concentrations of BCAA and are extremely digestible. High in Arginine and Lysine amino's are known for energy and heart issues among other benefits.

Whey Protein Isolate Protein Powders are toxic and are not a protein for those seeking optimum long-term health:
Whey Protein Is Not Created With Your Health First But For Profits First!
• Whey is a common food allergen, Inflammation, mucus forming, intestinal discomfort, water retention may result
• Intestinal toxemia: no fiber, no enzymes and a goopy sludge like consistency coats the intestines
• Contains cholesterol which your body doesn't need from food, Your body naturally makes its own
• A big carbon footprint. Animal care plus processing is 10x more costly in energy and to environment 
• Not an organic protein source, so many chemicals may be used in the processing
• What are cows fed that produce the whey? GMO foods and other chemicals don't require labelling. One example: Chymosin the enzyme found in Rennet is GMO. If it doesn't say non-gmo, it is!
* Often contains high amounts of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) a common allergen
• Hexane, a petroleum solvent is used to extract whey protein isolates
• Whey absorbs in 30-60 mins. Thats too fast! Protein synthesis/muscle recovery takes 24-48 hours. Rice Protein Isolates have a longer sustained absorption rate.
• High temperature processing denatures the temperature sensitve proteins found in whey products
• The following list of whey protein isolate chemicals, taken from the leading brand, are not good for your health
-Natural and Artificial Flavors: a mix of unkown chemicals made in a lab that compromise healt
-Maltodextrin: MSG is used for processing and is often corn based meaning that it is a GMO ingredient
-Modified Food Starch: devoid of nutrients and generally derived from corn so another GMO candidate
-Tricalcium Phosphate: a calcium based chemical which may cause calcification, nausea, etc.
-Acesulfame potassium: an artificial sweetner that may be cancer causing according to cancer experts
-Between the allergens, toxic chemicals, non-gmo and non organic ingredients. Whey just may contribute to other health compromises that have not even been discovered yet. 



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