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Growing Naturals Super Power Protein Pack


Super Protein Pack Description:

Growing Naturals is the manufacturer behind many of the top proteins on the market. Growing Naturals decided to go direct to manufacture their own brand because many of the current manufacturers on the market weren't living up to Growing Naturals very high standards as a manufacturer. The management of this company has heart and they are committed to not compromising the quality of their product. We love this protein! In our opinion, Growing Naturals protein is the best protein on the market. It is a certified organic living, raw vegan protein that is highly bioavailable. In fact it correlates to 96% as bioavailable as whey protein. Except this protein has no digestibility issues or lactose, gas or other allergens commonly associated with most animal proteins. 

Rice Protein Details: 24 grams of sprouted and enzymatically processed brown rice isolate. This Brown rice has a 96% correlation to whey protein's amino acid profile. A unique proprietary that produces a superior texture. No dairy, soy, corn or gluten

Pea Protein Details: Created from a patented water extraction process. These enzymatically alive proteins have high concentrations of BCAA and are extremely digestible. High in Arginine and Lysine amino's are known for energy and heart issues among other benefits.

Choose From The Following Flavors: Original, Chocolate, Vanilla


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